Infinity Building Solutions Inc.
the possibilities are endless...

  I started in the building industry when I was 15 years old.  I now have 27 years of experience in the field.  I have worked with many knowledgeable professionals over the years and learned a lot along the way.  Aside from learning the right way to do things, I learned that every client has different expectations.  Some have higher expectations than others but with Infinity Building Solutions your expectations will always be met and exceeded.  My team of experienced craftsmen and sub-contractors know what my expectations are, so with that I am certain that your expectations are sure to be met.


  We are a full service building and remodeling company.  Whether you "need" a new window or door, or "desire" a second story addition for a master retreat,  we are the right choice and will fulfill your needs and desires.  Unlike most companies or businesses, we actually still work with the attitude of "the customer is always right".

  If it is a new home or summer home that you desire, we are the right choice for that as well.  We can start with planning your budget, walk you through the design stages, and finish with handing you the keys.  With Infinity Building Solutions you are sure to have every possible need met.


  The possibilities are endless...

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